Saturday, November 12, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, November 10th, 2011


11:10am               Amazon & Vienna St              Warrant
Officers Bernard and Johnson responded to a report of suspicious suspects eyeing some elderly who were leaving a church.  The officers arrived and located two suspects.  They recognized one suspect from prior police contact earlier in the same day.  The officers located a third suspect.  A record’s check revealed that the third suspect had three outstanding warrants.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110907463

11:50am               400 Blk Raymond Ave            Weapon
Officer Ocreto responded to a report of a suspect in possession of a weapon.  The officer contacted the suspect who admitted to having possession of a BB gun.  The suspect said he found the BB gun in the bushes and concealed it in his jacket.  The officer took custody of the BB gun and cited the suspect for possession.  Report 110907729

4700 Blk Mission St
Officers Johnson and Bernard were on patrol in the area where they had received several recent complaints from merchants regarding people drinking, littering and loitering in front of their businesses.  The officers spotted a suspect holding a brown paper bag.  They saw the suspect drink from something concealed within the bag, and pass it to a second suspect.  The second suspect made eye contact with one of the officers and put his hand holding the brown paper bag behind his back as if to conceal it.  The officers suspected that a container of alcohol was being concealed within the brown bag.  The officers made contact with the two suspects.  The second suspect dropped the bag to the sidewalk.  The officers took the container from the brown paper bag and confirmed it was a can of an alcoholic beverage.  The suspects were cited for drinking in public and possession of an open container of alcohol.  Report 110908091

Other incidents:  

12:00am               300 Blk Schwerin St               Fraud
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding fraud.  The victim stated that she met a suspect on Facebook and had been talking to him over several months.  The suspect told the victim that he was going to need help acquiring property that he was about to inherit.  The victim was contacted by a second suspect claiming to be the first suspect’s lawyer.  The lawyer requested a couple thousand dollars from the victim to help process the inheritance.  The victim transferred money to the lawyer but became suspicious.  After some research, the victim discovered that there was no lawyer matching the name that was given to her.  Report 110907372

6:00am                 200 Blk Madrid St                  Graffiti
Officers Aslam and Marino responded to a report of graffiti.  The reporting party showed the officer a large amount of gang related graffiti etched into several glass panels.  Report 110907247

7:30am                 700 Blk Vienna St                            Theft
Officers Morgante and Martinez responded to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim returned to her vehicle and found that one of the doors was open even though she had locked all of the doors upon parking her vehicle.  Several items were missing from inside.  Report 110906716

10:00am               100 Blk Excelsior Ave            Weapon
Officers Marino and Aslam responded to a report of a suspect in possession of a weapon.  The officers made contact with the suspect, who was in possession of a pocket knife.  The suspect brought the knife with him to school to show his friends.  The suspect was admonished for having the knife.  Report 110907366

2:30pm                 Amazon & Edinburgh            Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft.  The victim said that the window on the driver side of the vehicle was not operating properly, and would not always stay rolled up.  The victim left his vehicle locked and unattended, and rolled up the broken window.  When he returned to his vehicle, he found the window half down and several items missing from inside.  Report 110908778

3:15pm                 100 Blk Phelan Ave                Threats
Officer Ocreto was dispatched to a report of threats.  A suspect had attempted to start a fight with the victim.  The suspect motioned towards his waistband as if to indicate that he was concealing a weapon.  The suspect had also been posting threats on Facebook towards the victim.  The suspect fled prior to the officer arriving.  Report 110908449

7:00pm                 700 Blk Cayuga Ave              Battery
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding a battery.  The victim said he shares a common area with the suspect.  The suspect filled a mug full of water and threw it in the victim’s face.  The suspect then threw the mug at the victim, striking him in the arm.  The victim said the suspect was angry because she believed he was talking about her behind her back.  Report 110907924

7:27pm                 5800 Blk Mission St               Counterfeit
Officers Hom and Burke were dispatched to a report of counterfeit money.  A suspect had attempted to use a fake twenty dollar bill to buy gas.  The victim took the bill and told the suspect that it was counterfeit and he was going to call the police.  The suspect fled with a second suspect.  The officers seized the bill as evidence.  Report 110908900

7:53pm                 200 Blk Santa Rosa               Vandalism
CPSA’s Der and Reynolds responded to a report of vandalism.  The victim owned two vehicles, which he had parked in front of his residence.  He discovered that both vehicles’s had scratch marks in the paint on the passenger doors.  The victim had video surveillance of the incident, which the CPSA’s seized as evidence.  Report 110907316


11:00am       100 Blk Fairmount                    Stolen vehicle
11:00am       800 Blk Delano                         Recovered vehicle
11:29am       Monterey & Hazelwood            Vehicle accident
12:55pm      Unit Blk Athens                        Recovered vehicle
  3:45pm      300 Blk Alemany                       Hit & Run
  5:17pm      Leland & Rutland                     Vehicle accident 
  8:00pm      Unit Blk Velasco                       Stolen plate
  8:30pm      900 Blk Russia                          Stolen vehicle