Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 29, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, August 29th, 2011


9:40pm               3300 Blk Mission        Robbery
Officers Ma and Pederson were dispatched to a robbery.  Various other Ingleside units responded to assist.  They located a male lying face down in the street that was unconscious and bleeding from the head.  They immediately summoned an ambulance and the victim was transported to the hospital for further medical evaluation.  The only information the victim could provide was that he was leaving a bar when he was confronted by two individuals.  Victim said he took off his belt for protection and he was then attacked.  Officers located various witnesses who were able to give a detailed description of the suspects and believed they would be able to identify them.  Officers Archilla and Paras were on patrol in the area when they observed two males matching the description given by the witnesses.  They detained the individuals and the witnesses were brought to the scene where the suspects were detained.  The witnesses positively identified the two men as the ones who they observed beating the victim who had been transported in the ambulance.  The two men were taken into custody and booked accordingly.  Officers responded to the hospital and the victim was able to identify various items found at the scene as belonging to him and had been taken when he was attacked.  Report 110691882 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY***

Other incidents:        

11:50am             200 Blk Beacon          Burglary
Sgt. Miller responded to a burglary.  He spoke with reportee who told him that she left her home and secured it and when she returned noticed a large printer missing.  She told Sgt. Miller that she believes an individual who house-sits for her on occasion took the printer but she did not actually see him take it.  She stated that the individual she suspects possessed keys to the property and knew the alarm code.  There were no signs of forced entry which she or Sgt. Miller could provide.  A check with her alarm company did show that someone had entered the premises on that day and entered the correct alarm code.  Victim stated that individual was not her and that is why she suspected the house sitter.  Report 110692830

12:00pm             500 Blk 27th St.           Fraud
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung responded to a fraud.  Victim advised that he was attempting to sell some furniture on Craigslist and corresponded with someone who wished to purchase it.  The e-mails were supposedly sent by a legitimate company known as Pay Pal and the individual asked him to deposit money into an account for the shipping expenses for the furniture.  Victim did so and when he was asked to deposit more money into the account became suspicious.  He then contacted PayPal and they advised him they sent no such e-mails to him.  Victim provided the name to the officers of the individual he corresponded with and wanted the incident documented.  Report 110693941

12:00pm             Bosworth/Brompton   Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told Officer Thompson that he locked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found the rear window smashed and items missing.  He was unable to provide any further information to the officer.  Report 110693258

12:00pm             900 Blk Geneva          Threats
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that a former tenant of his had been calling him repeatedly and using abusive and foul language.  During one of the phone calls the suspect stated, “You and your family are going to pay.”  Victim considered this a threat and wanted the incident documented.  The officers spoke with suspect by telephone and he told them he didn’t mean to threaten the victim but the comment meant he was going to take his former landlord to court.  Report 110692692

2:00pm               2600 Blk Bayshore     Burglary
Sgt. Miller responded to a burglary.  Reportee advised that he left the evening before and secured the premises.  He returned this morning and found a makeshift wall had been pulled down, an interior door kicked in and various items missing.  He was unable to provide any suspect information and there were no witnesses.  Sgt. Miller’s investigation revealed the damage to the doors was the point of entry and that processing of the scene at this time was not warranted.  Report 110693026

4:00pm               Unit Blk Conrad          Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and advised PSA Zabarte that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found the glove box had been broken and various items were missing.  The victim said there was no sign of forced entry into his vehicle and he did not suspect anyone.  PSA Zabarte was unable to process the vehicle for any evidence because the victim did not bring it with him to make the report.  Report 110692987

4:30pm               100 Blk Tiffany           Burglary
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung were dispatched to a burglary.  They met with victim who advised that he locked and secured various bicycles in the garage area of the home and when he returned found the lock and the bicycles missing.  He was unable to provide any further information and stated he was uncertain if there were any security cameras working in the building.  Report 110693082

4:50pm               Unit Blk Phelan          Theft
SFCCPD Officer Wong responded to a theft.  Victim advised that she stored her items in a locker and secured it with a lock.  When she returned and went to open the locker found the lock damaged and items missing.  She was unable to provide any further information.  Report 110694171

6:30pm               Unit Blk Phelan           Theft
SFCCPD Officer Burlyga responded to an auto boost.  The victim advised that she locked and secured her vehicle.  She returned to her vehicle and left the campus.  While driving she reached into her center console and found damage and several items missing from the vehicle.   She was unable to find any sign of forced entry into the vehicle and was unable to provide any further information.  Report 110693606


12:00pm                    Unit Blk Blythdale                            Stolen License Plate
  6:00pm                     900 Blk Rutland                               Stolen vehicle
  7:48pm                     Athens/Amazon                               Vehicle accident