Monday, December 20, 2010


Incident Date:
Saturday, December 18th, 2010


05:02 am       Unit blk Brookdale              Burglary, Non-Residential, Force
A corner store was burglarized and a vehicle description was broadcast.  About one hour later Officers Apodaca and Gabriel located the vehicle used in the burglary and apprehended one of the two suspects in the burglary.  Numerous other burglaries are likely tied to this suspect and his accomplices.  The suspect was found to have evidence linking him to the burglaries as well as burglary tools.  The vehicle had been stolen previously and was towed for further investigation.  Report number 101162141

07:25 pm       300 blk Rolph                     Methamphetamine/Heroin
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett and Burke were conducting a passing call at a home where they had received information that narcotics were being sold. The officers saw the resident standing nearby with two other men who looked like they were about to engage in a transaction as the officers approached.  The officers detained the subject of the investigation and found that he possessed methamphetamine.  The officers took him into custody and got a search warrant for his home.  The officers found large quantities of numerous varieties of narcotics and other illegal items in the house.  The suspect was booked at County Jail.  A woman at the house was cited and released for resisting arrest.  Report number 101163967

10:30 pm       Mission/Ocean                    Warrant Arrest
Officer Lundy responded to a call of a person in the roadway. The officer found the man who was described and ran a computer query.  The officer discovered that the man had a warrant for his arrest and took him into custody.  The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101164498

Other incidents:

01:30 am       4600 blk Mission                Breaking Windows
A woman called 911 believing that her home was being broken into by an unknown suspect.  Officers Lundy and Dilag arrived and found that the front door of the restaurant below the caller had been broken, but no entry had been made.  The restaurant owner was notified of the damage and responded to the scene.  Report number 101161820

02:15 am       600 blk Chenery                 Burglary, other Building, Force
Officers Morse and Vizcay responded to an alarm call with Officers Otaguro and Baldovino.  The officers found that the suspect had fled the scene.  The owner of the restaurant arrived and showed the officers video surveillance footage of the incident.  The suspect was visible in the footage.  The suspect was an African American male, 35-45 years old, with black hair, and a close cropped beard.  The loss was several bottles of liquor from the bar area of the restaurant.  Report number 101161933

03:15 am       200 blk Valley                     Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Wong responded to a vandalism call.  A convertible car top was slashed by an unknown suspect and entry into the vehicle was obtained, but nothing was stolen.  Report number 101162527

05:02 am       1800 blk San Jose             Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Baldovino was flagged down by a delivery driver who showed him that the front door of a convenience store was shattered.  The officer searched the store and found that the suspect had fled the scene with the store cash register.  The store owner responded to the scene and played the surveillance camera footage for the officer.  At the same time other officers had a suspect detained that matched a different burglary.  One of the officers working on that investigation responded and viewed the tape from this incident and found that it was the same suspects.  Report number 101162141

05:08 am       400 blk London                   Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Padilla responded to a burglary call at a store and conducted a walk through with Officers Vizcay and Morse.  Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to assist with the investigation.  A witness provided a suspect and vehicle description to the officers.  One of the suspects was located with the vehicle a short time later.  Report number 101162113

07:20 am       100 blk Otsego                    Battery
Officers Rand and Wong responded to a family fight call.  An adult daughter and her father had a physical fight in the kitchen.  Neither claimed any injury and neither party was willing to pursue criminal charges against the other. Report number 101162204

08:32 am       1600 blk Valencia               Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Curry with Officers Altamirano and Thompson responded to a burglary call.  The officers found the front glass door leading to two businesses was shattered.  The store owners were contacted and responded to the scene.  The cash register had been stolen and was located in a nearby parking lot.  A bank card belonging to one of the victims had been stolen in the incident and it was discovered that it had been used several hours earlier to make a purchase at a convenience store.  Officers Altamirano responded to that store and was able to obtain video and photos of the suspect in that use of the card.  Report number 101162301

09:30 am       4300 Mission                       Att. Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Rand responded to a restaurant regarding a burglary.  The officer met with the restaurant manager who discovered the front door of the restaurant was damaged.  Entry was not obtained to the restaurant, but evidence was left behind which was seized.  Report number 101162414

09:45 am       4200 blk Mission                 Burglary, Store, Force
Officers Duffin and Hart were flagged down by a hair salon owner who showed them that the glass front door to the store was smashed in and that the cash register was stolen.  The officers located the cash register, minus the cash nearby on the sidewalk.  Report number 101162436

09:50 am       1700 blk Church                 Vandalism to Property
Officer Wong responded to a restaurant where an employee discovered that a window screen had been damaged by an unknown suspect overnight while the restaurant was closed.  The officer saw that the suspect was not able to pull the screen away from the window sufficiently to make entry into the building.  Report number 101162577

03:40 pm       Unit blk Montezuma           Shooting into Inhabited Dwelling
Officer Leong responded to a shooting into inhabited dwelling call.  The victim told the officer that he did not see or hear anything during the time of the incident, and merely noticed the damage to his front window.  The officer searched the home for any further evidence to no avail.  Report number 101163478

05:54 pm       Unit blk Leland                   Battery
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to a battery call.  An intoxicated man, walking home, was battered by an unknown Samoan male.  The victim did not claim any injury.  Report number 101163638

08:42 pm       500 blk Portola                    Vandalism to Property
An audible alarm was activated at a school.  Officers Leong and Paras responded and walked the campus with a school district security officer.  They located a broken glass door window on the lower level.  Nothing appeared out of place within the school.  Report number 101164341

Vehicle Incidents:

06:32 am       Cayuga/Santa Rosa                       Stolen/Recovered Auto
09:03 am       Mission/Excelsior                             Unlicensed Driver
09:55 am       Cayuga/Geneva                              Traffic Collision
11:56 am       Alemany/Seneca                             Traffic Collision
04:30 pm       Monterey/Edna                                Traffic Collision
06:50 pm       Crescent/Ellsworth                          Unlicensed Driver
07:29 pm       Geneva/Madrid                                Traffic Collision
10:55 pm       Unit blk Arnold                                 Stolen Auto