Thursday, December 2, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, December 1st, 2010


02:30 pm       400 blk Pope                        Criminal Threats
Sgt O’Brien of the Ingleside Station Investigations Team, assisted by Officers Elton and Rueca , took a threats suspect into custody at his home.  The victims were threatened with specific acts of violence by the suspect.  The conflict started with an unpaid bill for services provided to the suspect.  Report number 101073106

07:14 pm       Holly Park/Murray                Marijuana, Meth, Susp Lic
Officers Hopkins, Duffin and Uang were on patrol as housing officers when they observed a subject known to them from previous encounters driving a vehicle near the public housing complex.  The officers knew the subject did not have a valid license and conducted a traffic stop.  The officers contacted the driver and passenger.  The passenger was also known to the officers as a probationer.  The officers found that the driver was in possession of ecstacy and the passenger was in possession of marijuana packaged for sales.  The officers took the suspects into custody and booked them at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101111358

Other incidents:

02:15 am       700 blk Morse                     Burglary, School, Forced
Sgt Miller responded to a burglary call at a school.  The sergeant met with the school principal and office staff who stated that the door to the school office was damaged as well as the door to the principals’ office.  There had been an alarm activation which was cleared by officers who found no evidence of forced entry.  The door frames were damaged and an empty laptop case was stolen but no other damage was located throughout the building.  Report number 101108844

05:35 am       100 blk Tucker                    Robbery w/ Gun
Officers Padilla and Seavey responded to a robbery call.  The victim, a female cab driver, was robbed at gunpoint by an African American male, 30-40 years old, wearing a black cap, black pea coat, and black gloves.  The victim was able to push the panic button which eventually scared off the suspect.  Report number 101108747

01:15 pm       4300 blk Mission                  Threats/ Dissuading
A battery victim responded to Ingleside Station and told Officer Morgante that after the battery incident, the suspect called the victims home and threatened the victim.  The victim was afraid for her safety and that of her children.  Report number 101109836

09:29 pm       100 blk Argonaut                Robbery, Street, w/ Knife
Officers Obot and Johnson responded to a robbery call and met with the victim.  The victim was approached by two African American male.  One of the suspects grabbed the victim around the neck and held a knife to his chest. The suspects went through his pockets and took his wallet. One of the suspects struck the victim on the back of the head.  He was taken to SFGH for treatment. Report number 101111687

Vehicle Incidents:

02:10 am       Cesar Chavez/Florida                     Unlicensed Driver
04:15 am       Excelsior/Naples                              Traffic Collision
08:00 am       Mission/Excelsior                             Traffic Collision H/R
10:25 am       200 blk Teddy                                   Recovered Auto
11:00 am       Porter/Benton                                   Rollaway Vehicle
06:00 pm       100 blk Tucker                                  Stolen Auto
09:55 pm       Persia/Moscow                                 Unlicensed Driver
11:25 pm       Niagara/Cayuga                               Unlicensed Driver