Monday, November 29, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, November 28th, 2010


01:45 am       400 blk Rolph                                  Battery
Officer Hermosura responded to a battery call with Officers Ma and Reyes.  The officers met with all of the parties.  The victim and her husband had been accosted by a friend of the husband, a woman who he had a previous relationship.  The suspect was intoxicated and struck the victim across the face causing swelling and a small laceration.  The suspect was cited and driven to her home.  Report number 101099469

04:24 pm       100 blk Vienna                                Threats
Officers Lim and Shugars responded to a call of threats.  The officers met with two women, roommates.  The victim, the owner of the house had rented a room to the suspect.  The women had a discussion regarding the suspect moving out by a certain date when the suspect threatened to burn down the house and kill the victim.  The suspect admitted to making the threats.  She was taken into custody and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101101014

05:27 pm       1700 blk Sunnydale                       Firearm in Vehicle
Officers Antonian and Dudley observed a known gang member with a suspended license operating a vehicle.  The officers conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver.  The driver stated that his license was not suspended.  A computer query to DMV proved otherwise.  The man was cited and released.  An inventory of the vehicle was conducted and the officers found that the locked glove box contained a loaded handgun.  The officers searched for the suspect in the area to no avail.  Report number 101100931

07:03 pm       100 blk Peralta                               Driving Under Influence
During the course of a vehicle accident investigation it was determined by Officer Archilla that the driver of the involved vehicle appeared intoxicated.  The officers found that he was unable to perform any Field Sobriety Test due to his level of intoxication and previous health problems.  A Preliminary Alcohol Screening was performed at the scene and revealed the driver was intoxicated.  He was taken to SFGH for treatment for his injuries and a blood draw was performed for evidence.  Report number 101101296

Other incidents:

10:05 pm       100 blk Richland                             Vandalism to Vehicle
A witness heard glass breaking and looked out of his window.  He saw two young Hispanic male adults with baseball bats near a parked and unattended marked police vehicle.  The witness saw that the police vehicle had a shattered window and called 911.  The officer who had been operating the vehicle detained one man, who was later viewed by the witness and not identified as having been involved.  Further search of the area for the suspects was conducted to no avail.  Report number 101101644

Vehicle Incidents:

01:30 am       Unit blk Natick                                  Stolen Auto
02:27 am       Blythdale/Brookdale                        Traffic Collision
04:39 am       Mission/Trumbull                              Unlicensed Driver
05:00 am       Geneva/San Jose                            Unlicensed Driver
07:03 pm       Peralta/York                                      Traffic Collision