Monday, November 22, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, November 21st, 2010


07:50 pm       800 blk Velasco                  Resisting Arrest
Officers Tam and Burke were working in plain clothes when they observed a group of teenage boys acting suspiciously.  The officers observed the subjects from a distance and then watched as the boys suddenly began to hop a backyard fence over barbed wire.  The officers coordinated with other responding officers to set up a perimeter.  The officers were able to take one boy into custody after he resisted arrest and failed to obey the officers orders.  The other suspects were able to escape via adjacent backyards and rooftops.  The suspect was uncooperative with the investigation.  He was later cited and released to his mother.  The residence was not disturbed by the suspects other than damage to plants in the back yard.  Report number 101081579

Other incidents:

02:45 pm       600 blk Monterey                Theft from Building
Officer Toomey responded to a grocery store regarding a theft.  The officer met with the store manager who stated that two adult African American males and one African American female entered the store.  One of the males stole a laptop computer from a table in the front of the store and the second male and the female attempted to steal the other but were unable to remove a security cable. The incident was documented on security cameras.  Report number 101080844

04:09 pm       Justin/Benton                     Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Park and Chang responded to an auto boost call which had just occurred.  The officers met with the victims who were in an open house.  The victim left her purse on the seat of their vehicle.  The realtor noticed the suspects suspicious activity in the neighborhood and while on the phone calling 911 the suspects used a rock to break into the vehicle and steal the purse.  The suspects ran away through St. Mary’s Park toward the Alemany Public Housing Complex.  The area was searched to no avail.  Report number 101080907

06:00 pm       2600 San Bruno                  Vandalism to Vehicle
Officers Hom and Gomez responded to a vandalism call.  The victim showed the officers that her vehicle had been scratched by an unknown suspect while it was parked and unattended.  Report number 101081591

08:00 pm       700 blk Monterey                Burglary, Flat, Unlawful
Officer Jones responded to a burglary call and met with the victim and a witness.  The officer was told by the victim that he suspected his ex-girlfriend had entered his home with a set of keys, left behind clothing belonging to his children, and stole some money, small appliances, paperwork and photos.  Report number 101081701

08:15 pm       200 blk Blythdale                Burglary, Apt, Unlawful
Officers Seavey and Khan responded to a burglary call.  The victim stated that she entered the housing unit and heard two male voices upstairs.  Moments later she heard the suspect leave the residence through an upstairs window.  She went upstairs and found that the bedrooms had been ransacked, but nothing stolen.  The victim cleaned up the house and then called for the police.  No evidence was therefore recoverable.  Report number 101081927

08:30 pm       500 blk Tompkins              Burglary, School, Unlawful
Officers Paras and Yuen responded to a burglary call.  Due to previous incidents at this same location the officers asked for additional help and a dog unit to respond.  The officers were met at the location by an employee.  The officers found that the suspect had accessed the building without force, and then forced numerous interior doors to various rooms in the building.  The dog unit did a search of the building to no avail. It was not determined if any property had been stolen.  Report number 101081648

09:37 pm       100 blk Naglee                   Robbery, Street, w/ Force
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a robbery call.  The officers searched for the suspects to no avail.  Officer Ma responded to assist with Cantonese translation.  The victim told the officers that he was robbed by a group of young adult Filipino and African American males.  The victim stated that he was unloading groceries from his vehicle when he was beaten, punched and kicked, by all of the suspects who then robbed him of his wallet and some bags of groceries.  Report number 101081676

Vehicle Incidents:

07:30 am       100 blk Ney                           Traffic Collision H/R
08:09 am       Unit blk Cambridge              Recovered Auto
10:30 am       300 blk Pope                        Traffic Collision H/R
06:30 pm       Diamond/Bosworth             Suspended Driver
08:40 pm       600 blk London                    Recovered Auto