Thursday, November 4, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010


10:44 pm       200 blk Leland                     Cocaine Rock/Paraphernalia
Officers Hurwitz and Daggett with Sgt Cunningham conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a license violation.  The officers found that neither the driver nor the passenger had identification.  The passenger was found to have a crack pipe in his possession and placed him under arrests.  The officer searched the suspect and located several rocks of crack cocaine in the suspects possession.  The driver was advised regarding the violation and the released.  The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station where he was booked.  Report number 101023446

Other incidents:

03:51 am       4700 blk Mission                 Burglary, Store, Forced
A witness called in a burglary and Officers Ferronato and Reyes responded.  The witness saw three African American male adults use bolt cutters to remove a lock from the security gate and then break out a window of a liquor store.  The suspects entered the store and stole a cash register, and some beer.  The suspects placed the cash register and beer into the back of a red mid 1990’s model pick-up truck with a white stripe on the side.  The suspects fled the scene east on Persia, just moments before the officers arrived.  The officers searched the area to no avail.  Report number 101020599

05:00 am       Unit blk Leland                    Burglary, Store, Forced
Officers Jones and Khan responded to a commercial burglary call reported by the business owner who had received a call from his alarm company.  The officers arrived and found the front door of the business and the metal security gate were completely removed from the building.  A padlock had been cut from the metal security gate and the suspects used a vehicle to ram the front of the business to gain access.  The cash register was stolen from the business.  The officers were unable to view surveillance video of the incident to ascertain the suspect(s) description at the time, but the video would be available later.  Report number 101206624

08:00 am       3800 blk Folsom                 Att Theft from Locked Vehicle
A victim called 311 and reported that his parked, locked and unattended vehicle had been broken into by shattering the front passenger side window.  Nothing had been stolen.  Report number 106138542

08:15 am       100 blk Northwood              Theft from Locked Vehicle
311 was contacted via telephone by a victim who stated that his vehicle which was parked in his driveway, locked and unattended, was broken into.  The suspect shattered the front passenger side window and stole the victims GPS unit with adapter.  Report number 106138532

10:30 am       100 blk Lyell                         Robbery, Street, W/Force
PSA Zabarte was approached at Ingleside Station by a woman who reported a robbery incident.  The victim stated that she was walking on Lyell when she was approached by the suspect who grabbed her purse strap with both hands.  The victim stated that she struggled against the robber who pushed her into a parked vehicle and then onto the ground during the struggle.  The victim was overpowered by the suspect who wrestled her purse from her and was last seen running away on foot.  The victim was not injured.  Report number 101021064

06:00 pm       Unit blk Phelan                   Theft from Building
A student and football team member at City College reported that his iPhone was stolen from his locked locker in the team locker room.  SFCCPD Officer Burlyga observed that there were no signs of forced entry into the locker.  There were no witnesses to the incident.  Report number 101022517

Vehicle Incidents:

01:24 am       Ney/Trumbull                         Traffic Collision H/R
05:30 am       300 blk Lisbon                      Stolen Auto
09:05 am       300 blk Silver                        Stolen Auto
11:00 am       900 blk Chenery                   Stolen Auto
05:41 pm       1800 blk Sunnydale             Recovered Auto
07:55 pm       Alemany/Ocean                   Unlicensed Driver
11:36 pm       Geneva/Mission                   Suspended Driver