Monday, November 1, 2010


Incident Date:
Thursday, October 28th, 2010


10:04 am       600 blk Monterey                Resisting Arrest
Officer Coles with Officers Morgante and Araujo responded to a trespasser call.  The officers found the suspect nearby and asked him his name.  The suspect then began to act erratically and ran into the street, falling purposely numerous times before the officers were able to handcuff him.  The suspect was not injured and was therefore taken to Ingleside Station.  He was later cited and released after a warrant for his arrest was determined to be non-extraditable.  Report number 101001721

05:30 pm       100 blk Blythdale                Criminal Threats
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to the residence of a woman who stated that her brother in law had threatened her.  Officers Johnson and Obot located and detained the suspect.  The officers were told that the suspect had shown the victim a handgun in his waist while threatening to shoot her, her children, and her grandmothers’ house.  She felt his threats were credible.  The officers did not locate a gun on the suspect.  He was placed under arrest and transported to Ingleside Station, where he was later booked.  Report number 101003432

Other incidents:

07:15 am       200 blk South Hill               Theft from Unlocked Vehicle
Officer Thompson was approached at Ingleside Station by a woman who told him that she had left her vehicle unlocked and her wallet was stolen from the car.  The woman had recovered some of her property when her neighbor approached her and told her that he had found it in his front yard.  Report number 101002177

10:00 am       Unit blk San Juan               Burglary, Church, Forced
Officer Preston responded to a burglary call and met with a church representative who told him that a window had been broken out and the property entered but no property was found to be missing. Several items had been moved around and gone through in the church office area, but no latent prints were recovered in the initial investigation.  Report number 101003125

11:00 am       Unit blk Addison                 Burglary,Residence,Forced
Sgt Miller responded to a burglary call.  He met with the victim who had left her home intact and returned to find her front door had been forced open damaging the door and frame.  She discovered that her purse had been stolen from the kitchen table, but no other items stolen or disturbed.  Report number 101001925

11:25 am       100 blk Santos                    Burglary, Housing, Force
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to a burglary in a public housing unit.  A witness observed a Filipino male, 15-17 years old, 5’6, 150 lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt; break a window of his neighbors’ house.  That suspect entered the unit through the window and opened the door for an African American male, 15-17 years old, 6’0, 180 lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and black jeans.  The second suspect entered the unit while two additional males, one Hispanic and one African American watched outside.  The suspects inside soon left carrying a black box which was later determined to be the victims’ safe.  Report number 101001997

02:55 pm       1600 Sunnydale                  Burglary, Housing, Forced
Officers Johnson, Obot and Hopkins responded to a burglary call.  The officers met with the victim who showed them that an upstairs bedroom window had been forced open and that two large televisions had been stolen.  The officers located a van parked nearby and looked inside locating the two stolen televisions.  The van was not reported stolen, but was not registered in the area.  The van was towed for processing.  No suspect information was available.  Report number 101002741

08:30 pm       Cortland/Bayshore               Threats
Officers Kabanuck and Paras responded to a threats call.  The victim stated that he was waiting for the bus when a burgundy sedan pulled up near him and the driver yelled to him asking for money.  The victim recognized the driver as a man who had yelled profanities at his girlfriend on a previous occasion.  The victim yelled back at the driver and then the driver and front passenger, both young adult Hispanic males, exited the vehicle and approached the victim.  The passenger said that he was going to get a gun therefore the victim ran from the area and hid from the suspects.  There were four other males in the back of the vehicle whom the victim could not describe.  Report number 101003909

Vehicle Incidents:

12:24 am       Mission/Italy                          Unlicensed Driver
02:53 am       Alemany/Sickles                  Suspended Driver
03:00 am       1500 blk Dolores                  Stolen Auto
03:07 am       300 blk La Grande               Att. Stolen Auto
03:38 am       900 blk Brazil                        Recovered Auto
05:22 am       San Jose/Geneva                Unlicensed Driver
08:00 am       100 blk Brookdale                Stolen/Recovered Auto
02:15 pm       Geneva/Lisbon                     Unlicensed Driver
04:30 pm       Unit blk Montezuma            Stolen License Plate