Friday, October 1, 2010


Incident Date:
Thursday, September 30th, 2010


03:41 am       Santos/Brookdale              Drug Arrest
Sergeant Lozada was on patrol when he saw a vehicle commit multiple moving violations. After stopping the vehicle, Sgt Lozada could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside. A search showed that the driver was in possession of the drug. He was issued a citation for his moving violations and the marijuana. Report number 100909811

06:09 am       2000 blk Sunnydale            Drug Arrest
Officer Hom and Officer Cassinelli were on patrol when they saw a vehicle driving with a mechanical violation. They stopped the car and met with the driver. The officers then saw inside the car an open cigarette box with pink pills inside. The pills were ecstasy, and the driver was arrested. Report number 100906500

Other incidents:                    
05:28 pm       3200 blk Mission                 Fraud
Officer Pedersen was dispatched to the report of fraud. The victim said that he checked his bank account and noticed that there was $1500 missing from the account. He called his bank, who told him that the money had been withdrawn at ATMs by someone over the course of 2 days in the downtown area of San Francisco.  Report number 100910153

11:22 pm       1300 blk Geneva                 Pickpocket
PSA Guituan prepared a report at Ingleside Station regarding a theft. The victim said that she was transferring busses on her way to work when he looked down and saw that her purse was open. She then noticed that she was missing cash and a credit card. The victim thought that the suspect must have been another passenger on the first bus she was on, which was very crowded. Report number 100911173

02:07 am       Sunnydale/Santos             Battery
Officer Ferronato responded to the report of assault of a MUNI bus driver. The driver had picked up a man who asked several times if the bus went to Sunnydale Avenue. The bus driver told the suspect that the bus only goes as far as Sunnydale and Visitacion Valley. When the suspect got off at Sunnydale and Santos, he slapped the driver on top of his head. The suspect was described as an African-American male, (5’8 160lbs, aged 18-20) wearing a black hoodie and khaki colored pants. Report number 100911559

Vehicle Incidents:

05:45 am       100 blk Ellington                  Stolen Auto
06:56 am       500 blk Paris                       Stolen Auto
08:20 am       Bosworth/SB280                 Traffic Collision
08:47 am       Unit blk 29th St                    Stolen Auto
09:53 am       Santa Rosa/Mission              Recovered Auto
12:41 pm       100 blk Athens                     Recovered Auto
01:50 pm       1600 blk Felton                    Recovered Auto
02:53 pm       Crescent/Ellsworth               Suspended License
03:30 pm       Arleta/Rutland                      Suspended License
05:13 pm       200 blk Joost                        Recovered Vehicle
05:25 pm       Geneva/Stoneridge               Suspended License
05:40 pm       3100 blk Mission                  Suspended License
06:35 pm       1900 blk Sunnydale             Unlicensed Driver
06:39 pm       Alemany/Geneva                  Unlicensed Driver
06:49 pm       Mission/Italy                         Suspended License
07:41 pm       Unit blk Excelsior                 Recovered Auto